INTEL – McAfee Inside

The tech industry was taken by surprise by the recent announcement by Intel to acquire security company McAfee for $7.67Billion. No one expected it, no one know why it happened, but everybody is speculating where this partnership is going.

Why Intel bought McAfee?

– One of the reason is cloud computing. Everybody is talking about the cloud and Intel wants to be a player in both arena – hardware and software. Intel knows that if there’s one application that will be hot in the cloud arena – it would be security, and McAfee one big name in the security software space.

– Another reason is virtualization. Intel is a strong advocate of virtualization, and providing security to virtualized infrastructure will also be a big issue. And having a security company will come in handy.

– Mobile computing is another one. More and more mobile phones are becoming smartphones – phone with web functionality. And security is a major issue here. People accessing their data via their mobile devices using unsecured internet connection like public wi-fi is simply a nightmare.

– Internet appliance. If you think Intel bought McAfee just for the PC, notebook and mobile phones, you’re wrong. Intel is looking way way ahead. Appliance with internet connectivity is fast becoming the trend in this digital space. Look at the new television sets, what are the features – 3D, HD, and internet connectivity. We have heard of refrigerators with net connectivity, microwave over with web features, radio, cars, audio players all with internet functions. Someone or somebody should secure all these. As I have said before, any device that can connect to the web are susceptible to the threats of the web.

– Lastly, the name. Intel wants to enter the security market with a big bang. And what better way to do this but to buy one of the biggest names in the security space – McAfee.

Why McAfee agree to sell?

– You don’t say no to a $7.67B offer. It does not come everyday. And having a partner like Intel is like having Mig Fighter Jets at your back ready to attack any enemies.

– if you’re going to look closely, what separates one security firm to another? Nothing really. Except maybe some acquisitions like McAfee acquired Trust Digital and TenCube, but that’s about it. Partnering with other vendors is another one. Bundling their security solution with hardware and software providers will be one advantage. But partnering with Intel, a force in the hardware arena will definitely give McAfee a big advantage. Most of the digital devices we see right now in the market are powered by Intel. And you can now proudly say – where Intel goes, you can be certained McAfee will just be around the corner.

The Future

So what will happen? Will Intel embed McAfee solution into their chips? I don’t think so. McAfee and security is a big business and Intel is not ready to give it for free. What can happen is Intel and McAfee can work on a security solution that combines firmware and software. Despite buying McAfee, Intel is not ready to cut its ties with other security providers – not yet. We can expect other security providers to intensify is efforts to protect their strength not only in their offerings but also in its partnerships with other hardware and mobile providers. And these hardware and mobile providers are also partners of Intel. It won’t be a good move to severe ties with these partners just because of one acquisition.

Its too early to tell really on what’s going to happen. It’s just my imagination working. But one thing is for sure – its going to be exciting. And us consumers will benefit from all these.

Wait, what is this that I am hearing? Now that Intel acquired McAfee, reports have been circulating that Symantec will buy AMD. Of course not, I am just joking. But who knows? Nothing is impossible in the techworld.


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