Teens go crazy with mobile texting

Call it later or what, because a recent study released by Nielsen Company showed that US teens are actually sending 3,339 texts a month or an average of 111 text messages per day. Is that a shocking development? I don’t think so. Here in the Philippines, I would say the local teens are sending 100 messages in like an hour or so.

I may be exagerating the figures but it’s not impossible given the unlimited texting offers of telecommunication companies. Local teenagers can actually send as many text as they want – so 111 text messages per day.

The study shows kids ages 13 to 17 send roughly twice as many texts as any other age group, outpacing 18 to 24 year-olds, who send about 1,630 texts in any given month. The study tracked data usage from the monthly cell phone bills of more than 60,000 mobile subscribers from April to June 2010 and combined this data with survey answers from more than 3,000 teenagers.

Other important facts about the study:

– text messaging is now the main reason 43 percent of teens buy a phone. Keeping in touch with friends ranks third at 34 percent, followed by family at 26 percent.

– Other top reasons for owning a phone include convenience, to ensure they’re “always available,” peer pressure, and to avoid having to use the family’s home phone

– Sixty-two percent of teens use picture messaging (MMS), followed by the Internet at 49 percent, app downloads at 38 percent, e-mail at 38 percent, and text alerts at 38 percent.

– Teen females received an average of 4,050 texts per month, while males the same age received only 2,539.

– With voice usage, females talked an average of 753 minutes per month, while males talked for 525 minutes.

– In the data usage space, teenage males used an average of 75MB of data, higher than females who logged an average of 53MB.

While the study was based on teenagers in the US, I will not be surprised if Filipino teenagers also used their mobile phones for the same reason. As of now, texting can be considered one of the most affordable, if not the most affordable way of communication. With offers from telecommunication companies, owning a phone nowadays is like buying a candy in any sari-sari store. The prices are really low compared to a year or so. Amazing how innovation and competition can bring these prices down.

One disadvantage I see about this unlimited offers, users has a tendency to abuse the said service. When I said abuse, I am not referring to continuous texting but spam text or scam text. There are people who is actually taking advantage of this unlimited text offers to con their fellow mobile users. Scams like asking for mobile credits, winning lottery announcements etc are so rampant due to the fact that it is so afforable to send as many text as you want to anyone, in the hope that there will be some who will fall prey to their evil schemes.

Well I guess that is the general idea of unlimited text offers, send as many SMS as you want. So 3,339 text a month for US teens? Don’t tell that to Filipino teenagers and they might just laugh their hearts out.


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