The Alliance of Microsoft and Adobe

What’s brewing in the I.T. industry nowadays? Well aside from the new gadgets that are coming out, Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer and Adobe Systems CEO Shantanu Narayen recently met and discussed the possibility of partnering on mobile and cloud business.

Microsoft and Adobe discussed a lot of things, but I am sure how to compete with Google and Apple is top on the agenda of the two. I won’t be surprise if Adobe and Microsoft will work together on mobile, since Apple denial to support Flash on their devices. With Windows Phone 7 pending release, an integration between the Microsoft OS and Adobe technology will be a force to reckon with.

Google I am sure is another topic. Google’s dominance of the web is a major concern for Microsoft. I would even dare say that Google is more of a threat to Microsoft than Apple, because Apple is a hardware company and Microsoft is a software company, so as Google. That is why partnering with Adobe (which is also a software company) would make sense.

Another rumor why the executive of these two companies met is the possiblity of Microsoft acquiring Adobe. Adobe shares soared 12 percent after rumors of a clandestine meeting between the two tech companies hit the news. So is it true? Is it possible? Nothing is impossible in the world of technology but I don’t think this will happen now. Microsoft working with Adobe is enough for the meantime, a merger between the two will be more of a disadvantage than an advantage to both.

So in short, this partnership is more of Microsoft vs Google and Adobe vs Apple. I can safely say that is Apple CEO Steve Jobs will allow Adobe Flash to work on Apple devices, Adobe will be first on the table to sign that elusive contract – with or without Microsoft. The decision of Jobs not to allow Flash to work on Apple devices is a big loss and a big insult to Adobe, that is why the partnership with Microsoft comes as a no surprise to me. Expect more partnership from Adobe. But at the end of day, Adobe still wants Apple.

With regards to Microsoft and Google, it will still depend on what Google will be doing in the years to come. It will depend how the web will evolved. What happens to the web will dictate the dominance of Google and the existence of Microsoft. The battle field will be up on the cloud. WIll it be Google or Microsoft in the cloud – that remains to be seen, so stay tuned.


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