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Kaspersky website compromised by hackers

It makes us feel somewhat uneasy everytime we hear news about people who are experts in their respective fields not doing their jobs well. Like people in uniform involved in murder or corruption cases, politicians engaged in illegal activities, doctor malpractice, and many more. Professionals should do their job well and do them according to people’s expectation – to be professional and do their job right.

That is why the recent news that the download website of Kaspersky USA was compromised by hackers didn’t come as a pleasant news to me. The protector suddenly becomes the attacker.
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2011 – The Year of Android?

The battle for OS supremacy is heating up as usual with the launch of Windows Phone 7, Apple OS updates, and Android. Why is it important to capture a big chunk of the mobile OS pie? Simple – the one who controls the mobile OS, in a way will dominate or will have an advantage in the mobile market.

Who are the players? iPhone, Android, Palm, RIM, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian. Who is leading or who will dominate the mobile OS market?
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iPad wannabes are DOA – Steve Jobs

Yes, this is what Apple CEO Steve Job said during Apple’s conference call – that 7 inch tablet has no future, to extent of saying that these products will be “dead on arrival”.

Some other claims of Jobs:

– users need to “sand paper to sand down your finger”
– developers cannot make quality apps on a 7 inch screen
– tablet users have already have smartphones
– Google’s Android operating system isn’t open
– Tweetdeck should work very hard to create an Android version of its browser app
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