Nokia should have gone with Android said Intel

After Nokia and Microsoft announced their partnership, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said Nokia is better off with Android than Windows Phone 7.

Yes, this was after Nokia announced that the company will be using Windows Phone 7 to power their smartphones, instead of their own operating system Symbian and another operating system Nokia is working on with Intel – Meego. MeeGo was built on Linux based platforms Maemo and Moblin. Now why would Otellini uttered something like this?

First, I will not be surprised if it has something to do with Nokia abandoning of Meego. Having Nokia as a partner the Meego operating system project is a big plus, and losing Nokia is a big blow to the entire project. Even if Otellini is saying he is hopeful that it will find partners for the MeeGo mobile software, without Nokia the chances of Meego becoming a serious contender in the mobile market is a bit slim.

Otellini added that Nokia accepted the offer because of the “huge” sum of money it was offered, it other words – everything is simply about business or a financial decision. Otellini said Nokia’s Chief Executive Stephen Elop received a big offer to go with Windows Phone 7.

Like what I said in my previous article, one of the gains of Nokia partnering with Microsoft is the marketing might of the later. Microsoft is known for its marketing prowess and this will definitely boost Nokia’s branding. If I were Microsoft, I will have done the same, I will spend millions or even billions just to get Nokia on my side. Meego’s lost is Windows Phone 7 gains. Having Nokia in Microsoft’s fold is big advantage to its Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Now, aside from the financial gains, I believe Nokia selected Windows Phone 7 over Android is Nokia wants to be a premier partner and not just ONE of the partners. If Nokia had selected Android, the company will just be one of the users of Android, Nokia will simply share whatever innovations Android may have with the rest of the competition. Unlike with Windows Phone 7, Nokia is the premier partner, and will have a big say in as far as innovations is concerned.

Being a premier partner of Microsoft, Nokia will be able to offer something different against their Android handset manufacturers. In other words, Nokia will be able to separate itself from the rest of the pack.

I already said it before that Nokia is in a very unique situation compared to their other competitors – because Nokia is a handset manufacturers and a platform owner with Symbian and Meego. Nokia is ready to let go of the two OS but not its unique situation and it was able to retain it via Windows Phone 7. The challenge now for Nokia is to be able to produce quality, affordable and efficient Windows Phone 7 Nokia phones.

Because no matter how good their marketing efforts are, no matter how affordable they make their phones, the bottomline still is the performance of the phones. Customer satisfaction will be key here. A bad Nokia Windows Phone 7 phone will spell the doom for the Nokia – Microsoft partnership.

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