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Smart TV – Entertainment and Content in One

A couple of weeks back, my family were treated with a nice accomodation in one of the hotels in Manila by Samsung Philippines to try out their latest television. It’s not just an ordinary television, its a TV with internet access which they called Smart TV sometimes referred to as “Connected TV” or “Hybrid TV”.

When we entered the room reserved for us, two things caught the attention of my kids. First, the elegant room, and second the Samsung Smart TV. My daughters were asking what’s so special about the TV? Well the TV is not an ordinary TV, its a TV that provides entertainment and content at the same time.

Aside from being able to connect to the TV, the Smart TV provided us is also a 3D TV. We were provided with around five (5) 3D DVD movie titles. Its a pleasant view to watch my kids watching movies with 3D glasses on. My youngest enjoyed the 3D the most, saying that she can almost touch the characters of the movie and experience is really different. Not that we have watched 3D movies before, but this is her first time to watch 3D movies in a 3D television. Believe it or not, they went to bed around 2:00am after watching 3 titles I think.
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Should HP spin off its PC unit?

When Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced its plan to spin off its Personal Systems Group (PSG) and get out of the PC business, customers and analysts were asking why would a company give up its leading position in a major hardware segment – especially if the business is still profitable?

Aside from the spin off announcement, Former HP CEO Leo Apotheker also announced that HP will stop selling its HP Touchpad and smartphones plus it will drop WebOS, the operating system HP acquired from Palm for $1.2 Billion sometime 2010. Leo also announced HP’s acquisition of enterprise software Autonomy ror $10.2 Billion in cash. These announcements caused HP a lot of problems. Leo was relieved of his post and HP board said the company had to make a leadership change because HP has been missing financial targets, botched communications, lost credibility with Wall Street. But I think Leo was relieved because of the announcements he made.
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A Job Well Done

October 6, 2011, the world mourns the death of one of the most if not the most notable visionary of our time – Steve Jobs. He was 56.

He was called an icon, a genius, a visionary, and an entrepreneur. A man who was able to change the world with his inventions, his innovations, and his products. The man who made us change the way we do things. The man who changed the way we communicate. The man who changed the meaning of infotaintment. When and how will all these attributes end for a man who despite his being private – became so public with his innovations.
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Nokia should have gone with Android said Intel

After Nokia and Microsoft announced their partnership, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said Nokia is better off with Android than Windows Phone 7.

Yes, this was after Nokia announced that the company will be using Windows Phone 7 to power their smartphones, instead of their own operating system Symbian and another operating system Nokia is working on with Intel – Meego. MeeGo was built on Linux based platforms Maemo and Moblin. Now why would Otellini uttered something like this?
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USB Cables – From friend to foe

Everyone who’s into computers surely are familiar with Universal Serial Bus or more popularly known as USB. Almost all peripherals uses USB to establish communication between USB devices and a host controller like PCs and notebooks both for Windows and Macs.

USB can connect computer peripherals such as mouse, keyboards, digital cameras, printers, media players, flash drives, Network Adapters, and external hard drives. For many of those devices, USB has become the standard connection method. So can a USB device do any harm to your computer?
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Kaspersky website compromised by hackers

It makes us feel somewhat uneasy everytime we hear news about people who are experts in their respective fields not doing their jobs well. Like people in uniform involved in murder or corruption cases, politicians engaged in illegal activities, doctor malpractice, and many more. Professionals should do their job well and do them according to people’s expectation – to be professional and do their job right.

That is why the recent news that the download website of Kaspersky USA was compromised by hackers didn’t come as a pleasant news to me. The protector suddenly becomes the attacker.
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iPad wannabes are DOA – Steve Jobs

Yes, this is what Apple CEO Steve Job said during Apple’s conference call – that 7 inch tablet has no future, to extent of saying that these products will be “dead on arrival”.

Some other claims of Jobs:

– users need to “sand paper to sand down your finger”
– developers cannot make quality apps on a 7 inch screen
– tablet users have already have smartphones
– Google’s Android operating system isn’t open
– Tweetdeck should work very hard to create an Android version of its browser app
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Facebook New Security Features – Onetime Passwords and Remote Logout

Social networking site Facebook recently introduced two new features that according to Facebook will add more security to users – one time passwords and remote logout. Let us first examine what these two features are:

OneTime Passwords
The one time password is intended primarily for those who login the Facebook from computers at public places, such as Internet cafes. Any user just needs to send an SMS to a short number, and he/she will immediately receive a one-time password, which will be valid for 20 minutes. As of now the service will be available in US only.
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