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Smart TV – Entertainment and Content in One

A couple of weeks back, my family were treated with a nice accomodation in one of the hotels in Manila by Samsung Philippines to try out their latest television. It’s not just an ordinary television, its a TV with internet access which they called Smart TV sometimes referred to as “Connected TV” or “Hybrid TV”.

When we entered the room reserved for us, two things caught the attention of my kids. First, the elegant room, and second the Samsung Smart TV. My daughters were asking what’s so special about the TV? Well the TV is not an ordinary TV, its a TV that provides entertainment and content at the same time.

Aside from being able to connect to the TV, the Smart TV provided us is also a 3D TV. We were provided with around five (5) 3D DVD movie titles. Its a pleasant view to watch my kids watching movies with 3D glasses on. My youngest enjoyed the 3D the most, saying that she can almost touch the characters of the movie and experience is really different. Not that we have watched 3D movies before, but this is her first time to watch 3D movies in a 3D television. Believe it or not, they went to bed around 2:00am after watching 3 titles I think.
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