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A Phone for a Porsche anyone?

ou may not believe this but a 17 year old kid was able to get himself a porsche, in exchange for his old mobile phone. If you think this is unbelievable, how about a two story house for a paper clip?

In case you’re wondering what I am talking about? I am referring to Steven Ortiz, a 17 year old student who was able to trade his old cellphone to a Porsche via Craigslist. It took Steven two years, 14 trades to be exact to land that astounding deal.

Here’s how it happened:
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Wireless and Mobile email going mainstream

I remember during the early days of the internet, the most widely used application those day is email. People are scrambling to have their own email address and starts sending emails to their friends and in business, to their customers. Sending messages have never been easy and fast. Now that mobile and wireless devices are increasing, I can’t help but think if mobile email dominate the wireless world?

I will not be surprised if mobile email will be one of the killer application for wireless devices. Getting message as they arrived (push email) I am sure will be appreciated by many especially those who use email for work. Receiving emails from wherever you are is great but of course it also comes with some disadvantages – spams and viruses comes with this innovation as well.
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Smart Phone Industry Report

Almost all mobile manufacturers have released their own smartphone offerings. One trying to outdo the others by coming out with cool designs, powerful features and the most important thing of all – affordability. So after everything has been said than one, who is actually leading the smartphone market?

A recent study made by ChangeWave revealed that in the area of smartphone market share – Apple (34%) is up 1-point since their March survey to an all-time high while RIM (34%) has taken another hit – dropping 4-points in the past 90 days. Android phones continue to have a major impact on the market, with HTC (8%; up 2-points) and its new Droid Incredible and EVO models the biggest beneficiary. Motorola (6%), who in recent surveys had registered a wave of new demand for their Droid model, remains unchanged in the current survey.
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Who’s buying the iPad?

Go to any coffee shops right now and chances are you will find someone using an iPad. The iPad is the first tablet computer developed by Apple Inc. and was announced on January 27, 2010, it is part of a device category between a smartphone and a laptop computer.

I have seen a number of people using the iPad. Some use it to listen music while browsing the web, some use it for gaming, some just use it just to been by people. So will the iPad replace notebooks or netbooks? This is one question people often ask me. Is it really here to stay or is it just a fad or a fashion statement. I believe it is here to stay but for a very specific market and for a very specific use.

Another question is who is the audience of iPad? Male or Female? Teens or Adults? Enterprise or Consumers?
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MultiSeat Computing is Opportunities Multiplied

What is the biggest challenge of the education sector to adopt technology? COST. Cost is the biggest obstacle for schools to have their own laboratory. Cost in terms of hardware acquisition, software, space, and power consumption. Thus, these problems deprived our students means to access information that will help whatever materials they currently have.

A most ideal setup is of course a one is to one setup – one PC for every student. So if you’re going to setup a computer laboratory to accomodate 40 students, the school would need 40 computers. You need electricity to power up these computers, space, airconditioning, tables, chairs, and a lot more. Other schools do it this way – 1 computer for 5 students, you want to know the meaning of ‘sharing’, this is the best demonstration.

Would it be possible for us to have One (1) PC and share the resources of this PC to like 10 students? The answer is Yes. It’s called multiseat computing.
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