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The truth behind the expiration of cellphone credits

Last week, the Philippine Congress conducted an inquiry as to why mobile phone prepaid cards comes with an expiration date. Representatives from Smart Communications, Inc., Globe Telecom, Inc., and Sun Cellular were there to grace the ocassion. One lawmaker asked why the expiring prepaid mobile credits? Do they rot? Do they spoil? Do they curdle?

You know that if you buy a P100 prepaid load, you have to consume it within a certain number of days, if not it will expire regardless of how much is left in your credit.
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Anywhere IT to Drive $4 Trillion Worldwide Market by 2016

Look at the latest gadgets nowadays, almost all comes with internet connectivity. Phones with net functionalities (smartphones), computers with SIM cards for mobile internet access, digital cameras with Wi-Fi functions, watches with 3G connectivity, and even printers with Wi-Fi and wireless capabilities are being introduced left and right. For what?

Because the trend is really going towards having a mobile workforce especially with cost-cutting measures being done by companies nowadays. Being able to work from anywhere will be the focus of many enterprise.

So if we are going to be accessing the web from anywhere, and the workers can work from anywhere, then we are going to have and Anywhere economyg and Anywhere IT. What is Anywhere IT?
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Save more by managing power consumption

Are you still looking for ways to cut your operating cost? There are a lot of ways really, you just have to sit down and look closely at your operations and you will be able to find ways to lower down your cost, and not just laying off your employees.

Gartner Inc. recently released a report entitled “PC Power Management Activation Leads to Significant Power and Cost Savings” which indicates that organizations that are actively employing power management functionality can expect to save $43,300 (P2,165,000) per year, compared with an unmanaged 2,500-PC organization. In addition, turning off and unplugging machines saves another $6,500 (P325,000), but this may affect employee productivity because updates will need to be carried out during working hours.
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A Shattered Future

An 18-year old girl was side-swiped by a speeding vehicle somewhere in the North here in the Philippines. The girl (accompanied by their professors) was on her way back to Manila with her classmates from an out of town school engagement.

On their way back, the entire contingent decided to make a stop over to have their dinner (around 7pm). Since there were a number of students who attended the trip, the restaurants on one side of the street were occupied at once. So the group of this girl decided to have their dinner in a restaurant located at the other side of the street.
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Strategies for Driving Business Advantage in an Economic Crisis

Recent events have challenged businesses to prepare and manage previously unthinkable situations that may threaten an organization’s future. A sound company should be able to manage and survive the crisis and take all appropriate actions to help ensure the organization’s continued viability.

RSA, The Security Division of EMC released, in conjunction with the Security for Business Innovation Council, the results of their third report, ” Driving Fast and Forward: Managing Information Security for Strategic Advantage in a Tough Economy” In this report, top security leaders from around the globe examine the information security challenges created by the current economic crisis, and offer concrete strategies for achieving more with less in 2009.
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Tata Communications announces USD 430 million investment in Asia Pacific

Let’s all take a break from the job-cuts and gloomy economy stories for a while and put our focus on the good side of the economy. Believe it or not, there are a lot of good news and good things happening in business.

Like this news about Tata Communications announcement to invest USD 430 million strategic investment plan in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. The investments include developing the Tata Communications Exchange, a new world-class Internet Data Center (IDC), and the completion of the main segment of its TGN-Intra Asia Cable System.
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Top Ten Predictions for 2009 and beyond

People nowadays are wondering how the global economic situation will impact their livelihood and business. Some companies are struggling to make ends meet and stay ahead of the game. Some companies resort to job cuts while others resort to restructuring and reengineering their business.

The current economic situation will bring changes to a lot of things including technology. Research firm Gartner Inc. published their annual top 10 list of broad technology predictions selected from more than 100 predictions that its analysts presented and reviewed every year. The remaining predictions in this year’s top 10 are:
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Opportunities in banks industry amidst crisis

News about rural banks closing sends shivers to Philippine depositors, and also cast doubts on the stability of our banking institution. Can we blame them? It’s hard earned money so we expect people to guard them with their lives. Investigations are ongoing but people are not so interested with the outcome, they want their money and investments protected.

So given the situation and the economic slowdown, what can banks do to further strengthen their market position? Where are the opportunities?
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